Junk journal designs

While at lunch the other day I was inspired by a someone’s post about a quilting technique. (I’ll need to locate & post the link later..!) I’ve been wanting to create a junk journal for some time now, & have plenty of scraps to get started, but this neat idea for quilting a rose made me want to try out a junk journal with a fabric cover, so that I could sew on this style of rosé! Here’s the sketch I came up with using the Paper app on my iPad:


Using that same quilted rose idea, here are a few more (surprisingly girly/elegant for my own tastes) ideas I came up with — mostly just working out layout… It probably won’t turn out this…pink… If I were to create it.




That second one is NOT something I’m fond of…that layout bugs me to no end. However, in the interest of sharing my process, I’ve decided to share even the ones deserving of the bin. 😉 Perhaps it’ll be suitable if I played with that arrangement more…it’s just too….(shudder) centered. Where’s the rule of thirds in it?!?? Oh, well. I do like the last one, however.

I then got a bit side-tracked coming up with journal ideas… -_-;; (If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s difficult for me to stay on just one task..!) So, without further ado, here are more (Nintendork) sketches of journal ideas:


This Chomp Chomp one could use some more tweaking, as well…


I love the quilted look here. I’ll have to make this one cloth cover as well. 😉

Lastly, someone mentioned to me today that I should continue to use my full name for all of my work, even my blog, since I use it for everything else, so from here on out, I’ll sign off as I do for everything else! 😀

— Elise M. Gross

P.S. Ehh…not sure…what do y’all think? :\


5 thoughts on “Junk journal designs

    • Thank you so much for the compliment!! (blushes)
      I’ve always held the belief that anyone can draw. People aren’t just born with the ability, it takes practice, just like any other skill, from talking to walking. 😉 Now, some folks pick it up easier, but in my case, I’ve just done it a long time & studied it in school, so it comes more naturally now from all the practice. However, I bet you could do some pretty awesome drawing if you wanted to! 😀 It just takes patience & determination. 😉

      • Well I’ve learned something too… to accept that I just can’t. Hahahaha. Kidding aside, even though I cannot draw I still try to cultivate my love for art in other forms like crochet. Cheers to what you do, lady!

  1. Please sign with your full name from now on. That is pure gold! Also, I love the concept of a junk journal – I wish I still utilized journals as much as I use to because they were a nice escape!

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