Meet Mum

Mum’s given name is… well, just call her Chrys. 😛
She’s a Doctor Who fan, a LEGO fan, a programmer, works in I.T., relates personally to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, & is an all around geek of the world. She also enjoys DIY projects, & always has a brilliantly fun scheme hatching in her head.

She really, really likes Rum (being Pirate, of course), likes all sorts of music, speaks Kilngon, and can point out every difference between the Harry Potter books and movies. (Actually, if it’s a book at all, don’t let her read it before you see the movie version with her!) ;D

Mum particularly enjoys painting, as well as photography, & has taken a multitude of landscape & sunset photos throughout her lifetime. She one days hopes to make them in to lovely prints to share with the world. ❤


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