Meet the Youngling

The youngest geek of the trio, our little geekling is named Elise –however, being a telepathic, she can hear you say her name wrong, even in your head. Unless you’re German, or speak a language similar to German, in which case, you’re probably saying it correctly. (Good for you!)

While she is the youngest of the bunch, she is not actually a baby, & is therefore interested in a great many things outside of shiny objects (though those are lovely, too.) She is a gamer in all ways, enjoying “hardcore” gaming as well as “casual” games (though lately she’s taken to calling herself a “hardcore casual gamer.”) She is fascinated with D&D, the 4th Doctor from Doctor Who, & makes time each week to play a bit of MTG.

As a writer, Elise has written a few articles & continues to do so under her name — Elise M. Gross — on, &  is hoping to have her first book published by the end of this year.

She is an artist first & foremost, & loves to incorporate her geek passions in to her work.

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