Episode VI: Return of the Geeky Soap

Luke Soapwalker has returned to his home planet of Earth in an attempt to rescue his friend Hand Soap from the clutches of the vile gangster Rubba the Dirt.
Little does Luke know that the GERMACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new foul dirt station even more dirty than the first dreaded Dirt Star.
When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore cleanliness to the galaxy…

[queue maniacal laughter] Yes, my pretties…they have returned!! In this episode, I have gone beyond mere R0b0t soaps..! In a galaxy far, far away…wait, no, I mean right here, I have created a whole new concoction of delicious smelling, luxurious feeling soaps!

I’m actually quite excited, as I got to use activated charcoal & hibiscus flower powder in this batch. After a bit of trial & error, I am pleased to say they turned out pretty nifty, & we’ve been using them like Lady Macbeth up in here!! Har-har!

Here’s what I created this time:


Let’s have some close-ups, shall we? 😉





This Vader Soap is made up of SLS-free glycerin soap base with hibiscus flower powder added to it, & his head is made entirely from activated charcoal in mango butter base. I have scented him using a clean scent that makes me think of fresh laundry, but with a bit of a smokey smell, like a man’s cologne.

And my absolute favourite one thus far is the Millennium Falcon soap made from activated charcoal, scented with my own concoction of various natural herbs &c…. I call the smell “Sexy Cyborg” ;D
Unfortunately, in my excitement I forgot to photograph that one, but rest assured it was super cool… Until we started using it!! Now it looks reminiscent of a space ship, haha!

I’ll continue making soaps hopefully we can get some up in our Etsy shop soon. We’ve been thinking about renaming the shop to something shorter, like Cheeky Geeks, but we haven’t decided… What do you guys think? Should we stay 2 Geeks & a Grandma?

Also, what cool geek soaps would you like to see next??

Until later!


Geek soap?!

Germs! GERMS! Everywhere!!!
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty picky about soaps I use. I don’t like additives, & I prefer soap that smells pleasant — not that overwhelming stuff that gives you a headache on one whiff! I also like my soap to make my skin feel pleasing, not raw or oily… yeaugh!

I’ve decided to try out a new endeavor, something that will not only be fun, but that I can add a little twist of my own creativity to! Geeky-themed soap! I’m so excited at all of the possibilities! Just think of all the geek-related types of soap I can make– with all natural ingredients, to boot! I already made a few soaps last week, using some plain jane molds, and after using them, they smell & feel fantastic! I’m so pleased. I also made my first geek soap!! It’s SO CUTE! It’s a robot!!


Robot Soap created by 2 Geeks & a Grandma

Isn’t he just ADORABLE!!! Squee! He’s made using Goat’s Milk, lavender extract, sweet pea extract, and the little specks you see are actually crushed jasmine flowers picked fresh from the front yard! (No pesticides!!!) The lather is suprising, too!– I didn’t expect it. Normally, if you have a soap that’s super lathery, it means one of many types of additives has probably been added. Natural soap should have a lather of it’s own, due to an increase in surface tension when you rub the soap bar between your hands, but it’s not usually an excessive, foaming sort of lather! Luckily, this bar had a nice feel to it, a lovely, light lather, & it left my hands feeling like baby skin– so soft & so clean! ^____^

I’m going to be making loads more tonight! Not all robots, either!! Oh, just wait until you see all the fun things I have planned! 😀
I’ll keep you all updated!