Happy 4th of July!!

As many of you may or may not be aware, tomorrow is the United States’ Independence Day. I’ll be with Boo & his fam, participating in the typical celebrations include barbecuing, being outside, sparklers & fireworks! Ooooh…and swimming!! If I’m able to, I’d like to try my hand at sewing myself a swimsuit tonight, but I doubt I’ll have enough time! 😦 Well, we will see!

In honour of the celebrations, I wanted to post a picture of one of the NEATEST little accessories EVER:


This is SO. FRIGGIN’. CUTE. My lovely co-worker, owner of Deb’s Silks, made these hair clips for herself & her daughter — I wish she’d made more so I could totally sport one at tomorrow’s festivities!! 😦 [sobs] Well, I’ll come up with something…

I did make a pretty awesome button, though. Okay, well, I only made the button…the graphic is a cut-out from a magazine that Mrs. Debbie found & gave to me. (She’s awesome like that, always giving me random things to use for projects!)

Here’s my totally rad, patriotic button:


It’s not finished yet, though!! Mrs. Debbie’s hair bows inspired me, so I’ll do something neat to it when I get home tonight.

Oh, drat! I forgot, I planned to bake cookies tonight for tomorrow’s celebration….hmm…guess I’ll make a swimsuit another time, then. Drat. Oh, well. I’ll post pics of my cookies & what I do with the button later tonight or tomorrow for y’all’s viewing pleasure! 😀

Until then, everyone celebrate SAFELY & COURTEOUSLY (no blasting fireworks out of your back yards at 4 a.m.!) Also, make sure to abide by your local laws regarding fireworks. 😉

Peace out! Cheers!!
— Elise M. Gross


Cute Mouse Necklace Tutorial

**Edit //– Sorry for the first post, folks! Looks like my computer was spazzing out & I didn’t even notice! Here’s the full tutorial!

A few weeks back my boss’ boss asked me to create a Minnie Mouse jewelry set for his daughter, who had requested I draw up a Minnie Mouse picture for her. I don’t have an image of the picture I drew, unfortunately, which turned out surprisingly well, but I do have something awesome: A Minnie Mouse necklace tutorial! Weee!

**Note: This tutorial assumes you’ve made jewelry before. If you need help learning how to use crimp beads, jump rings, or jewelry tools, I highly recommend checking videos on YouTube! 🙂

First off, my supplies:
-polymer clay ( in this case, I used Sculpey in pink, black, and a magenta)
-beading wire
-beading notions (jump rings, crimp beads, lobster claw clasp)
-jewelry tools (needle nose pliers, round nose pliers)

Step one: Using black clay, roll in to 2 balls, one about half the size of the other. Take the smaller ball & split that in half, then roll those halves in to balls for a total of one large ball for the head & two smaller ones for ears.



Step Two: Press down to flatten both ears. Using your fingernail or tools to scratch lightly on to the head where the ears will attach & to the bottom of the ears that will attach to the head, then attach, making sure to smoth out the lines so it looks like one piece.


Next, create the hair bow, attaching the same way to the head.


1. Mix the colours you want for the bow, then split that ball in half. Take half, roll in to ball shape.
2. Press down on ball to make a slightly flattened circle.
3. Using a fingernail or tool, split the circle to make a Pacman shape.
4. Using fingers, press to make triangular shape for first bow. Repeat with 2nd ball.
5. Using a smaller bit of clay, make small rectangular piece for center of bow, pressing on to the top of both sides of bow in the center.
6. Affix to head piece.

You should have something similar to these (though I did extra for more detailed bows!):


Now, go ahead & lay out how you want your necklace to look. In this case, my boss’ daughter’s favourite colours were pink & purple. I wanted her to be able to wear this in many years to come, so I kept it classy yet pretty, so that even once she out grew Minnie (if ever!) she could wear this set without feeling kiddy.


After you have it all laid out, start stringing on to your beading wire. I chose wire instead of elastic, because I wanted this sucker to last & grow with her! 😉

After stringing, use crimp beads to attach the jump rings & attach the lobster claw to the jump rings. After that, you have a fancy 100% unique necklace!! 😀


Ta-daaa!! 😀 What do y’all think? You could even skip the bows & do just a mouse head!