Treasury Tuesday

Greetings, & here’s hoping you all had a fabulously-fun-filled-Fourth! 😀 I know we did! Unfortunately, I had camera issues, so there are no photos of fireworks this year to share with y’all. 😦 Sorry, folks.

However, I am in the process of creating a bigger & better CheekyGeeks blog, so hopefully at the end of the week you will be able to find us at http://cheekygeeks.egcom.tk instead! (It’s still under construction, but feel free to take a peek & give input!) So, with that news… Wooo! I’m still debating on whether I want to pay to have this page redirect there or if I just want to put up a message saying we’ve moved… that’s $13 per month! What to do?! T_____T What do you fine folks think?

As you may have noticed, this post is called TREASURY TUESDAY!! 😀 One of my favourite things to do is peruse Etsy & check out all of the nifty things people are creating. If I feel inspired, I pop my favourites that fit a theme in to a Treasury. I thought it’d be fun to share one of my my popular — & first! — treasuries I made, called Rainbow Strange!


‘Rainbow Strange’ by egcom

Rainbows are fun! Everyone loves rainbows!! There’s a pot of gold beneath them!!! …but wait, not all rainbows have gold. Some have strange things, unusual things. Those kind of rainbows aren’t as loved. But they should be.

40 PERCENT OFF Edgy Punk Rock Rainbow Pop Art Portrait Wall Art Print - Don't Drink Poison by Carissa Rose 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 - NeverDieArt Rainbow desk worm - ButterflyLove1 Gummy Bears - Soaps - FrostedCrossbones Gray and Rainbow Dot Strange Foo - Recycled Wool Plush Toy - sighfoo
A3 wall art print poster of a big black monster on a colourful, magical island and rainbow there as well - thenosuchdisco Vintage 80s 90s Hip Hop Rainbow Cropped Tie Dye Jacket - RogueRetro Unicorn and rainbow panties knickers underwear lingerie - knickerocker POOP Stationery set of 7 - snew
Puking Rainbows Meme Necklace - ClayMyDay KATWISE elf coat - Rainbow Magic - Tutorial PDF - katwise Original Collage Art ACEO Medical First Aid Art Color Spectrum roygbiv Paper Collage - dadadreams Bring me home - Limited edition matte print - wishcandy
Unique handmade felt hats - rainbow colors, colorful, natural, extraordinary, fantastic, crazy, party hat - Feltthink Dorkicorn Dorky Unicorn rainbow clouds sky kawaii silly fun Original lowbrow comic art illustration - zombietoes ACEO Art Print Rainbow Bear Hot Air Balloon, Pop Illustration Kawaii Cute Monster - Limited Edition 2/35 - lemonshortbread Color Monsters, toys, plushie, stuffed - cronopia6

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Gah! Well…that was…interesting. What do you guys think? Isn’t it just FAB?! Srsly. Who doesn’t love rainbows… even more when they’re…different?!

I’ll try to post again tomorrow or Thursday, but I’ll be working on a freelance project this week, too. I’ll post another fun-fill Treasury next Tuesday!

Do any of you have some awesome treasuries to share? Leave them in the comments!
If you’re interested in seeing my other treasuries right now (you impatient things, you!), click here.

Until next time, dears!
— Elise M. Gross


Magic the Gathering

Tonight is MTG night with my friends — we usually try to get together once a week, generally Friday or Saturday. I figured I’d share one my favourite photos that’s MTG themed:


I have a few ideas for some neat decopodge projects I want to do with all of the spare MTG cards I have lying about the place (that are NOT worth anything), but I’m open to any ideas!! Has anyone seen any cool things done with cards like this? I don’t want to make cards with them — no paper craft scrap book sort of stuff…

There’s some more neat things in my head involving games, too, such as everyone’s favourite-and-most-hated board game, Monopoly. Here’s another fun picture I took:


Aaaaaaanyhow….we’re just chilling, listening to some great older rap/hip-hop (‘Damn it feels good to be a gangsta‘, anyone??!), playing some MTG, & having fun. I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing weekend, too!

Oh noes! I’m being attacked!! Gotta’ go now. :O

–Elise M. Gross


Junk journal designs

While at lunch the other day I was inspired by a someone’s post about a quilting technique. (I’ll need to locate & post the link later..!) I’ve been wanting to create a junk journal for some time now, & have plenty of scraps to get started, but this neat idea for quilting a rose made me want to try out a junk journal with a fabric cover, so that I could sew on this style of rosé! Here’s the sketch I came up with using the Paper app on my iPad:


Using that same quilted rose idea, here are a few more (surprisingly girly/elegant for my own tastes) ideas I came up with — mostly just working out layout… It probably won’t turn out this…pink… If I were to create it.




That second one is NOT something I’m fond of…that layout bugs me to no end. However, in the interest of sharing my process, I’ve decided to share even the ones deserving of the bin. 😉 Perhaps it’ll be suitable if I played with that arrangement more…it’s just too….(shudder) centered. Where’s the rule of thirds in it?!?? Oh, well. I do like the last one, however.

I then got a bit side-tracked coming up with journal ideas… -_-;; (If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s difficult for me to stay on just one task..!) So, without further ado, here are more (Nintendork) sketches of journal ideas:


This Chomp Chomp one could use some more tweaking, as well…


I love the quilted look here. I’ll have to make this one cloth cover as well. 😉

Lastly, someone mentioned to me today that I should continue to use my full name for all of my work, even my blog, since I use it for everything else, so from here on out, I’ll sign off as I do for everything else! 😀

— Elise M. Gross

P.S. Ehh…not sure…what do y’all think? :\


Cross stitching QR code

This week has been pretty slow, so I’ve been thinking about something I can make for my sweetie pie! I’ve been pretty fascinated with both cross stitching & QR codes lately, so I thought I’d make a cute little lovey-dovey post card with a secret message! I went to a free QR code generator site & made a little message in QR code. I then printed it off, attached it to a nice bit of card stock & am just cross stitching right over it! I’m planning on tearing the paper right off after — we’ll see how that works… :\

Here’s a preview of it so far:

I had to create a grid over the QR code image using a ruler & pen.

I had to create a grid over the QR code image using a ruler & pen.

I carefully remove the paper...

I carefully remove the paper…

Voila! A beautiful QR code cross stitch! :D

Voila! A beautiful QR code cross stitch! 😀

I think that next time I’ll try printing on something that doesn’t leave anything behind once removed, like tissue paper. There are still little bits of paper poking out from beneath the threads. I can get most of them, but it’ll take some time. Gah!

Time to go work on the rest!!!



Wanna’ make a bet..?

Are you a gambling sort of gal (or man)?? Wanna make a bet with me? ;D If I win, you owe me a cooookieeee…!!
How many of you thought Bowser wasn’t real??? If you say he is merely fiction….then bust out the bakeware, fools!


BAM! Myrtle the Turtle, AKA Bowser, King of Koopa.

This abso-freakin-loutely adorable Bowser themed sweater was made by the amazingly talented Jennifer over at Squirrel Picnic. (To see how she did it, go here!)

This got me to thinking, though…what other super-amazing-awesome-Nintendork items have been created?? Being a die-hard Nintendo fanatic, I decided to take to the interwebs to discover what possibilities floated about the place!! I not only found some awe-inspiring art works, I also found some kick@$$ bloggers to follow!!
Here’s just a few of the retro-love goodies that I found:


Ooooooh, yeeesss….these stuffed toys of awesome are creations of the amazing human being, Steph, AKA: nerdJERK. Not only does she have some pretty stellar items — (she also has an Etsy shop! Yay!) — but she is, & I quote, “a genuine Human Awesomeness Advocate!” What amazing creations from such an amazing person!


Um…Mario themed sweater vest? Yes, please!

Not only is this sweater vest TOTALLY RAD, but it’s available as a FREE pattern!! I’m not one for knitting, so maybe one of you fine folk could make me one instead of a cookie (that you totally owe me!) ;D Hehe! I found this gem down at the blog of Happy Seamstress, a group of very talented (& quite amusing) ladies! They’ve hosted Nintendo themed craft contests before — I look forward to possibly entering in the future!! xD



Quite possibly one of the absolute coolest up-cycles I have ever come across, this duck Hunt lamp made from an old Duck Hunt cartridge & Nintendo Zapper is SO AMAZING I want to go out & make one of my very own right now!!! The artist is ___ of Estranged Illusions, & you can find their post about this lamp on their DeviantArt page.
I have loads of cartidges, most still usable, but a few not working….at the very least I’ll hit up the flea market (Trader’s Village, y’all!) & grab some extra cartridges & a zapper to do this myself. Just think of the many possibilities!! [dies of joy]

I’m going to go back to drooling over all these super finds, now..! Do any of you know of any other awesome Nintendo themed crafts I should check out??



Cute Mouse Necklace Tutorial

**Edit //– Sorry for the first post, folks! Looks like my computer was spazzing out & I didn’t even notice! Here’s the full tutorial!

A few weeks back my boss’ boss asked me to create a Minnie Mouse jewelry set for his daughter, who had requested I draw up a Minnie Mouse picture for her. I don’t have an image of the picture I drew, unfortunately, which turned out surprisingly well, but I do have something awesome: A Minnie Mouse necklace tutorial! Weee!

**Note: This tutorial assumes you’ve made jewelry before. If you need help learning how to use crimp beads, jump rings, or jewelry tools, I highly recommend checking videos on YouTube! 🙂

First off, my supplies:
-polymer clay ( in this case, I used Sculpey in pink, black, and a magenta)
-beading wire
-beading notions (jump rings, crimp beads, lobster claw clasp)
-jewelry tools (needle nose pliers, round nose pliers)

Step one: Using black clay, roll in to 2 balls, one about half the size of the other. Take the smaller ball & split that in half, then roll those halves in to balls for a total of one large ball for the head & two smaller ones for ears.



Step Two: Press down to flatten both ears. Using your fingernail or tools to scratch lightly on to the head where the ears will attach & to the bottom of the ears that will attach to the head, then attach, making sure to smoth out the lines so it looks like one piece.


Next, create the hair bow, attaching the same way to the head.


1. Mix the colours you want for the bow, then split that ball in half. Take half, roll in to ball shape.
2. Press down on ball to make a slightly flattened circle.
3. Using a fingernail or tool, split the circle to make a Pacman shape.
4. Using fingers, press to make triangular shape for first bow. Repeat with 2nd ball.
5. Using a smaller bit of clay, make small rectangular piece for center of bow, pressing on to the top of both sides of bow in the center.
6. Affix to head piece.

You should have something similar to these (though I did extra for more detailed bows!):


Now, go ahead & lay out how you want your necklace to look. In this case, my boss’ daughter’s favourite colours were pink & purple. I wanted her to be able to wear this in many years to come, so I kept it classy yet pretty, so that even once she out grew Minnie (if ever!) she could wear this set without feeling kiddy.


After you have it all laid out, start stringing on to your beading wire. I chose wire instead of elastic, because I wanted this sucker to last & grow with her! 😉

After stringing, use crimp beads to attach the jump rings & attach the lobster claw to the jump rings. After that, you have a fancy 100% unique necklace!! 😀


Ta-daaa!! 😀 What do y’all think? You could even skip the bows & do just a mouse head!



Episode VI: Return of the Geeky Soap

Luke Soapwalker has returned to his home planet of Earth in an attempt to rescue his friend Hand Soap from the clutches of the vile gangster Rubba the Dirt.
Little does Luke know that the GERMACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new foul dirt station even more dirty than the first dreaded Dirt Star.
When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore cleanliness to the galaxy…

[queue maniacal laughter] Yes, my pretties…they have returned!! In this episode, I have gone beyond mere R0b0t soaps..! In a galaxy far, far away…wait, no, I mean right here, I have created a whole new concoction of delicious smelling, luxurious feeling soaps!

I’m actually quite excited, as I got to use activated charcoal & hibiscus flower powder in this batch. After a bit of trial & error, I am pleased to say they turned out pretty nifty, & we’ve been using them like Lady Macbeth up in here!! Har-har!

Here’s what I created this time:


Let’s have some close-ups, shall we? 😉





This Vader Soap is made up of SLS-free glycerin soap base with hibiscus flower powder added to it, & his head is made entirely from activated charcoal in mango butter base. I have scented him using a clean scent that makes me think of fresh laundry, but with a bit of a smokey smell, like a man’s cologne.

And my absolute favourite one thus far is the Millennium Falcon soap made from activated charcoal, scented with my own concoction of various natural herbs &c…. I call the smell “Sexy Cyborg” ;D
Unfortunately, in my excitement I forgot to photograph that one, but rest assured it was super cool… Until we started using it!! Now it looks reminiscent of a space ship, haha!

I’ll continue making soaps hopefully we can get some up in our Etsy shop soon. We’ve been thinking about renaming the shop to something shorter, like Cheeky Geeks, but we haven’t decided… What do you guys think? Should we stay 2 Geeks & a Grandma?

Also, what cool geek soaps would you like to see next??

Until later!