Magic the Gathering

Tonight is MTG night with my friends — we usually try to get together once a week, generally Friday or Saturday. I figured I’d share one my favourite photos that’s MTG themed:


I have a few ideas for some neat decopodge projects I want to do with all of the spare MTG cards I have lying about the place (that are NOT worth anything), but I’m open to any ideas!! Has anyone seen any cool things done with cards like this? I don’t want to make cards with them — no paper craft scrap book sort of stuff…

There’s some more neat things in my head involving games, too, such as everyone’s favourite-and-most-hated board game, Monopoly. Here’s another fun picture I took:


Aaaaaaanyhow….we’re just chilling, listening to some great older rap/hip-hop (‘Damn it feels good to be a gangsta‘, anyone??!), playing some MTG, & having fun. I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing weekend, too!

Oh noes! I’m being attacked!! Gotta’ go now. :O

–Elise M. Gross


How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

(Warning: bit of a long post!)

I’ve been having a bit of a creative “stump” lately, as I call it. I’m stumped! I’m not sure what to do, where to go, or if any of it really matters. I have so many ideas buzzing in my head that it’s hard to write them all down– I can only tackle one at a time, but it’s difficult & I get side-tracked easily! BUT I do know one thing: I love stuff. I’m not talking about the obvious, important things, like family, friends, &c. I mean tangible things. Collectible things. Those “Look-what-I-have-isn’t-it-so-cute?” things! The reason I mention this is because I think that if I can write down my favourite stuffs, I can find ways to turn them in to something creative, to inspire myself again! Huzzah!

With that rambling bit of not-so-much-nonsense out of the way, I’d like to list my top 10 favourite “things” that I love, that aren’t ooey-gooey stuff like my sweetie or my dog or my family.

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