Treasury Tuesday : Robots!

Good morning, everyone!! It’s been an exhausting week, so I apologise that I haven’t had time lately to get on the blogosphere. 😦 Luckily, I’ve resolved to try posting at least thrice a week, if not more! I think Tuesdays for certain will work, now for the rest of the week… any suggestions?

Speaking of Tuesdays, it’s that time again!! Treasury Tuesday! This week’s theme is a personal favourite of mine: r0b0ts!! [bzzt! beep! bzz!]

In case you weren’t aware of the intimate love I hold for our cold friends, here’s my absolute favourite painting I have ever created, based on a character from the children’s book I’m writing.

Wrig the Wrenchbot Escapes to the Wild

His name is Wrig, the Wrenchbot.

I have an undying passion for those cute, clunky guys. 😀 though, I’m sure we all do, yes?? With that thought, I figured it’d be a stellar idea to have a robot themed treasury post. All of my treasuries have distinct themes, but this is one of my favourite. I’d also like it noted that I try to update the treasuries often, so once an item sells, I’ll add new items — usually trying to put in another items from the same featured artists, if possible. If they don’t have another item that fits the theme (or the same, in the case of prints) I’ll look up another item. I’d also like it noted that I do not just create these slap-dash, willy-nilly, like some people…. I go beyond the first page (usually all of them, but it depends on the theme) & I use more than generic terms to search.

‘The Robot Express’ by egcom

Choo-Choooo!!! It’s the Robot Express,
Whisking you away to the best of the best
of gadgets and gizmos, metal and gears;
Find a friend to love you for years!
One ticket good for you & a guest,
All aboard the Robot Express!!

Custom Robot Wedding Cake Toppers - Personalized - jennibcreative
Custom Robot Weddin…

Steampunk Robot Wizard of Oz Tinman Necklace Pin/Brooch Polymer Clay Figurine - Freeheart1
Steampunk Robot Wiz…

Melancholibot - Open Edition fine art print - bohemianchaos
Melancholibot – Ope…

Baby Voodoo Felt & Fleece Robot - tinyrobotfactory
Baby Voodoo Felt & …

Robot Bike Rack - voigtmetal
Robot Bike Rack

Steampunk Felt Robot Plush Doll with Vintage Buttons - GinnyPenny
Steampunk Felt Robo…

Steampunk Robot Tissue Cover - sockmonkeyfun
Steampunk Robot Tis…

Robot Captain - Art Print - Original on Scratchboard - natalierobots
Robot Captain – Art…

Custom Rusty Robot Minion Designed and Made for You - Spacecowsmith
Custom Rusty Robot …

Reserved listing for Naomi Wissot Russian Bot & Lucky Dog - found object robot sculpture assemblage - ckudja
Reserved listing fo…

Electric LOVE Robot Paper Toy with blinking LED lights - crankbunny
Electric LOVE Robot…

Love Robot - sleepyrobot13
Love Robot

Custom Steampunk Animatronic Baby Penguin Robot - OilandLace
Custom Steampunk An…

12 inch tall, cute, found object robot sculpture - Gizmobots
12 inch tall, cute,…

Crazybot Robot Postcard Set - violintide
Crazybot Robot Post…

where baby robots come from - blue - bampop
where baby robots c…


Treasury tool by StylishHome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks theme! I’m planning on making a new treasury soon — what do y’all think the theme should be about next time??

Tomorrow, I shall post about my latest adventure with Mod Podge!! Eee! I have some pretty awesome plans involving Mod Podge & a desk, but needed to test something first… oh, well! Tune in to see! ;D

— Elise M. Gross




Treasury Tuesday

Greetings, & here’s hoping you all had a fabulously-fun-filled-Fourth! 😀 I know we did! Unfortunately, I had camera issues, so there are no photos of fireworks this year to share with y’all. 😦 Sorry, folks.

However, I am in the process of creating a bigger & better CheekyGeeks blog, so hopefully at the end of the week you will be able to find us at http://cheekygeeks.egcom.tk instead! (It’s still under construction, but feel free to take a peek & give input!) So, with that news… Wooo! I’m still debating on whether I want to pay to have this page redirect there or if I just want to put up a message saying we’ve moved… that’s $13 per month! What to do?! T_____T What do you fine folks think?

As you may have noticed, this post is called TREASURY TUESDAY!! 😀 One of my favourite things to do is peruse Etsy & check out all of the nifty things people are creating. If I feel inspired, I pop my favourites that fit a theme in to a Treasury. I thought it’d be fun to share one of my my popular — & first! — treasuries I made, called Rainbow Strange!


‘Rainbow Strange’ by egcom

Rainbows are fun! Everyone loves rainbows!! There’s a pot of gold beneath them!!! …but wait, not all rainbows have gold. Some have strange things, unusual things. Those kind of rainbows aren’t as loved. But they should be.

40 PERCENT OFF Edgy Punk Rock Rainbow Pop Art Portrait Wall Art Print - Don't Drink Poison by Carissa Rose 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 - NeverDieArt Rainbow desk worm - ButterflyLove1 Gummy Bears - Soaps - FrostedCrossbones Gray and Rainbow Dot Strange Foo - Recycled Wool Plush Toy - sighfoo
A3 wall art print poster of a big black monster on a colourful, magical island and rainbow there as well - thenosuchdisco Vintage 80s 90s Hip Hop Rainbow Cropped Tie Dye Jacket - RogueRetro Unicorn and rainbow panties knickers underwear lingerie - knickerocker POOP Stationery set of 7 - snew
Puking Rainbows Meme Necklace - ClayMyDay KATWISE elf coat - Rainbow Magic - Tutorial PDF - katwise Original Collage Art ACEO Medical First Aid Art Color Spectrum roygbiv Paper Collage - dadadreams Bring me home - Limited edition matte print - wishcandy
Unique handmade felt hats - rainbow colors, colorful, natural, extraordinary, fantastic, crazy, party hat - Feltthink Dorkicorn Dorky Unicorn rainbow clouds sky kawaii silly fun Original lowbrow comic art illustration - zombietoes ACEO Art Print Rainbow Bear Hot Air Balloon, Pop Illustration Kawaii Cute Monster - Limited Edition 2/35 - lemonshortbread Color Monsters, toys, plushie, stuffed - cronopia6

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Gah! Well…that was…interesting. What do you guys think? Isn’t it just FAB?! Srsly. Who doesn’t love rainbows… even more when they’re…different?!

I’ll try to post again tomorrow or Thursday, but I’ll be working on a freelance project this week, too. I’ll post another fun-fill Treasury next Tuesday!

Do any of you have some awesome treasuries to share? Leave them in the comments!
If you’re interested in seeing my other treasuries right now (you impatient things, you!), click here.

Until next time, dears!
— Elise M. Gross