Once Upon A Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming!! Today I decided to put together a Father’s Day card for my Papa! I was inspired by a set of free graphics from somewhere online… (I honestly searched everywhere, but as I looked these up on another computer, I couldn’t even check my search history! I don’t know where these came from– if you know, please let me know! I had to sign up for their newsletter to download them, but I’ve yet to receive a newsletter, too…. )

Here’s a quick rundown of how this episode went: I started with my supplies…


There’s the cute graphics, which I printed on regular computer paper & then cut out (I wish I’d had something thicker, like card stock, but alas…) Then there’s the scrapbook paper (theme: The Once Upon A Time Stack), glue, & a pair of scissors/rotary cutter.

I had made some sketches earlier & put together the front based on those:


After the base, I added the final layers (I love stacking layers…such an effect..!)


I kept the little ribbons separated when I glued them to the back of that mustache graphic, & then curled the ends upward a bit for a 3 dimensional effect. I accidentally made the front a separate piece from the back of the card, but don’t fret!– I fixed it up so it looks intentional! ;D Here’s the inside before my message:


I added a bit of string to the tag graphic to make it look more like, well, a tag!

After message:


And the back of the card:


Gah! I forgot to take an image after I wrote on the back of the card! (I always draw a cute heart & write “MADE WITH LOVE” plus the date. Oh, well..)

Here’s the envelope I made using another piece of scrap booking paper from the Once Upon A Time Stack (I basically free handed & built the envelope around the card itself! Haha!)


And the front of the envelope:


Overall, I’m very pleased! :3 I hope he loves it!!

Until tomorrow,


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